Mifegest kit- Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit

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MTP Kit or Mifegest kit is one of the most trusted abortion kits by women across the globe who want to terminate an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy during their 1st trimester. This kit comprises two wonder pills that have been approved by the FDA and are used to effectively terminate pregnancy with a high level of efficacy of almost 98%. The two kinds of pills are misoprostol and mifepristone in one single kit. This kit can be used to terminate pregnancy easily at home without any issues however, few stringent guidelines are followed that have been provided.

This pack is of 5 Pills (1 Mifepristone and 4 Misoprostol Tablets)

What does the Mifegest kit- Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit consist of?

In this Mifegest kit- Mifepristone and misoprsotol kit, you will get 1 pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Misoprostol. The mifepristone pills are of 200 mg strength each whilst the misoprostol pills are of 200 mcg (micrograms) each. The total strength of Misoprostol pills is 800 mcg.

How many Mifegest kit- Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit do I require to terminate pregnancy in the first trimester?

You will require 1 Mifegest kit if you are 5 weeks pregnant or lesser and in case your pregnancy has exceeded 5 weeks you may need 2 Mifegest kits.

How do these abortion pills work?

The Mifepristone pills are synthetic pills that block an important hormone, the progesterone hormone, and the Misoprostol pills create contractions in the uterus and which cause dilation due to which the complete fetal tissue gets expelled out through vaginal discharge or bleeding. This is better than clinic abortion! The abortion pills cost is very less compared to clinical abortion, it’s less hassle and noninvasive.

How to take the doses of Mifegest kit- Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit?

If your pregnancy age is till 5 weeks or lesser then should start your 1st dose with the single Misoprostol pill. After this pill is taken you will have to wait for 24 to 48 hours then you should take the 2nd dose that will consist of 2 doses of the Misoprostol pill, later, you should take the 3rd dose which will again be 2 doses of Misoprostol pills.

These mifepristone pills are to be taken orally with a glass of water and the Misoprostol pill is to be taken buccally i.e by keeping them in the cheek pouch for 30 minutes and allowing them to dissolve with saliva. After half an hour of taking the misoprostol pills, you can take a glass of water and gulp down the remaining medicine. Please ensure you do not chew or break the pills and let them dissolve on their own.

If you have already completed and are over 5 weeks of pregnancy then you may need two MTP Kits and repeat the procedure twice

When should these pills not be taken?

You should avoid taking the Misoprostol and Mifepristone pills if you are allergic to any of the key abortion ingredients in mifepristone and/or misoprostol.

The Mifegest kit does not work if your pregnancy is ectopic, hence we always suggest you get an ultrasound sound and confirm your pregnancy type before using the Mifegest kit. Use abortion pills for safe abortion only when your pregnancy is uterine.

Usage of these abortion pills below 18 years of age is not allowed or not advisable or take them when you have someone you can trust with you so that they could help you in a situation where you need help. If you are above 35 years then it is recommended that you should take the doctor’s advice and only then you should take these abortion pills.

Make sure if you are taking abortion pills at a place that is nearest to a health clinic so that you can go there in case of emergency.

Do not take these pills if you are suffering from any heart-related diseases like cardiovascular disorder, angina, or other issues like severe anemia, chronic adrenal failure, inherited porphyria, or have any bleeding disorders or any intrauterine disorder.

What are the side-effects to be encountered?

Side effects include bleeding, nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps which are higher than the normal menses. Some. A list of side-effects that women who have undergone abortion are: headache, dizziness, fatigue, back pain, uterine hemorrhage, vaginitis, anxiety, leukorrhea, sinusitis, fainting, asthenia, leg pain, syncope.

In case of no bleeding occurs or incomplete abortion takes place, a further surgical abortion is highly recommended, but once this method is done you should not continue the pregnancy as this can be dangerous for the mother and this can lead to invalid birth in the future. This may even cause birth defects in the child.

What are the drug interactions of this kit?

Mifepristone – Although the mifepristone has not shown any specific drug interaction according to the nature and metabolism of the drug, it is quite possible that medicines like ketoconazole, itraconazole, erythromycin, and grapefruit juice may hamper the work of mifepristone and increase the level of serums in the mifepristone. Further anticonvulsants may decrease the serum levels and hamper mifepristone metabolism.

Misoprostol – Misoprostol has also not shown any high-end contraindications but if any kind of oxytocin treatment is taken then misoprostol can extend its functionality if taken within 4 hours.

Overdose of Mifegest kit

No serious side-effects have been reported in the case of abortion with Mifepristone and Misoprostol but in case if it overdoses it may lead to acute signs of adrenal failure.

In case women under doses themselves then it can lead to the problem of fetal malformation or birth defects.

Adverse effects of processes like hospitalization, blood transfusion, ongoing pregnancy, or any major complications have not yet been reported if the dosage structure is maintained as prescribed.

How to confirm abortion?

You can take an ultrasound test to confirm whether your abortion was successful after 2 weeks of the procedure and after 4 weeks you can undergo a urine test using a pregnancy kit to confirm your abortion. Do not undertake ultrasound before 2 weeks or urine test before 4 weeks as it may give you a skewed report.

31 reviews for Mifegest kit- Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit

  1. Kirsten Chaney

    Great experience and satisfied with their service ..

  2. Christina Mullins

    I am happy to use the abortion pills that I ordered. I achieved an effective result and had a painless ending of my termination .

  3. Vanessa Gutierrez

    I fail to get my prescription from the clinic. I found the pharmacy and I had my live chat with Aliza Jones she had helped with to connect to their physician, who provided me a valid prescription to buy my termination pills.

  4. jora ava

    “I definitely worked myself up a lot before going through this experience. Long story short I caught my pregnancy really early to where there was no baby or gestational sac formed yet. So the process was VERY easy for my physically. I had very little cramping for 10 mins after the pills dissolved. And about 30mins to an hour I was bleeding with a lot of clots. As each day goes on the bleeding gets better well for me at least. If you’re thinking about doing this I would recommend! Everyone is different keep that in mind but mind over matter. This was a BIG lesson learned and I will definitely not let myself go through this again. Good luck ladies!”

  5. Megan Waceken

    The team is so excellent that after placing an order for my prescribed medicines I received my tracking details within 24 hours.

  6. Brad Taylor

    It was a breathtaking decision as it was the first time I am fine now .

  7. Audrey Olvera

    I order the combined dose from the pharmacy with overnight shipping. I received my termination pills within the given days.

  8. Suzie Taha

    I had headache along with other side effects .

  9. Samantha Bonner

    Great experience and satisfied with their service.

  10. Ava sara

    “I was 6 weeks pregnant. I read a lot, I researched a lot and on top of that my friend shared her horrifying experience of the same and so I was so scared. I took 1st pill and next after 36hrs. I felt pain after 1 hour but really big clots started flushing out. 3-4 hrs heavy bleeding and mild cramps and felt comfortable after that. As per my experience, be mentally prepared for all conditions have someone by your side and a hot water bag. You’ll be fine Always remember god is with you.”

  11. Mia

    “Hi ladies, I took the first pill at 11am then at 11am today I inserted the 4 tablets in the vagina I felt mild periods pain type symptoms but wasn’t as bad as everything I read on here I was so scared and absolutely so worried I bought heat pads and even got some tramadol incase the pain was that bad. I started bleeding after the tablets then at 3pm I inserted the two more tablets. I’m still bleeding now and a bit off, belly ache but nothing bad at all, please do not read the horrible stories on this before scroll past them because not everyone is the same and we all are different. I was 5 weeks. Put a film on or a Netflix series and honestly you will be fine stay strong don’t stress about it. You can do this”

  12. Sophia

    Outstanding place to buy Mifegest kit online. I just like purchasing from here. Great discounts and fastest shipping offered.

  13. Allison Griep

    Great experience with mtpkitusa.com site. Delivery was great. Would highly recommend to anyone. Easy and quick service.

  14. Nessica Oliver

    I was placing an order for an abortion pill pack for the first time and was nervous that what if my payment would get struck. But after proceeding to the payment with PayPal it hardly took a few minutes to complete my transaction.

  15. Chelsea Alvarado

    The mtpkitusa.com site offered speedy and professional service.

  16. Isabella

    “I found out I was 7 weeks and 3 days when I made this personal decision to end this pregnancy. I read the reviews and was petrified of taking this medicine. I literally almost opted out but I did finish the process. Took the first pill at the office felt fine. Took the other 4 pills orally in my cheeks 32-36 hour’s later. I expected a really weird taste but it was super bland. After keeping them in for 30 mins I washed them down. Oh yeah I did take the pain meds they prescribe 30 mins before taking the 4 pills. I started to feel light stings but other than that I was just super tired I feel asleep about 4 woke up around 9 and I was concerned because it felt like nothing. I couldn’t feel the blood until I stood up. Big rush but other than that it was fine I was fine it all worked out. I’m super glad I chose this as my abortion rather than having the whole vacuum thing. Don’t worry just do it! You got this and know that whatever happens your gonna be OKAY ❤️”

  17. Emma

    Fast and accurate service. I just like and enjoy purchasing from here.

  18. Jamel Land

    Excellent service also quick delivery. Thank you. I like to recommend to my friend and family.

  19. Tatiana Muro

    The great value offered on Abortion pill and also offer Fastest delivery service .

  20. Marie Werdin

    The order process is easy and quick. Also, offer an excellent delivery service; delivered order product directly to my door without any damage.

  21. Zominique

    Buy Abortion Pill Online
    I was first confused if i should buy abortion pill online. Then i made a decision to buy abortion pill with mtpkitusa.com . I made the write choice and safely carried abortion at home comfort.

  22. Morgan Brunson

    Very good service and delivery. I really like to use it again.

  23. Britianie pace

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  24. Brunson

    As usual a very nice shopping experience in my life.

  25. Scott mike

    Good experience.satisfied with their service .

  26. Premraj

    it works Thank you so much!!

  27. Charmaine Scott

    A Better Choice
    it was great .

  28. Dominique Ford

    Best Way For Abortion
    I was afraid to order these pills online, but after receiving them in the mail four days later I was very much relieved. So I took the first pill (mifepristone), and about 36 hours later I had some light bleeding. I then took the last four pills (misoprostol) and let them dissolve in my mouth for 30 minutes. I instantly became nauseous and started cramping. In about 30 more minutes I started passing large amounts of blood and blood clots, which lasted about 4 hours. I have had light bleeding and cramping since then. Totally worth it to me. I am thankful to have found an inexpensive and private way to do this. Very pleased overall.

  29. Divya Premraj

    Best Solution For Home Abortion
    I safely aborted my 4 weeks undeveloped fetus in my privacy by taking the inexpensive mifegest kit. I am very, very happy I ordered the affordable abortion kit because it has made my life much easier and cheaper.

  30. Chrystal

    Good services, Easy to buy and tracking code was provided on time and thanks for providing continuous updates of my parcel. Deserves 5 stars

  31. Elizabeth

    Great prices, its totally worth buying from here. user friendly services.

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