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Cytotec ingredients:

Cytotec oral tablets contain either 100 mcg or 200 mcg of misoprostol, a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analog. Misoprostol is a water-soluble, viscous liquid. Inactive ingredients of tablets are hydrogenated castor oil, hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, and sodium starch glycolate.

Cytotec is an oral medication this is commonly used to induce labor in women and works by softening the cervix to allow easier dilation and producing contractions. In most cases, Cytotec is a safe and reliable medication that can make labor easier for women.

Work mechanism of Cytotec : Pfizer Misoprostol Tablet:

Cytotec : Pfizer Misoprostol Tablet is a prescription medicine used for the purpose of pregnancy termination. You may take Cytotec alone or may take other medications along with it.

The active constituent of Cytotec along with the grouping of mifepristone (anti-progesterone) is the course of therapeutic abortion. Mifepristone makes the coating of the uterus thin, detaches the fetus, and enlarges the cervix and uterus tightening. whereas Misoprostol causes uterine retrenchments and ensuing exclusion of the embryo.  One needs to take the dose as it has been endorsed. Cytotec is an abortion pill, it should not be confused with contraceptive one.

How to use Cytotec: : Pfizer Misoprostol Tablet

The Cytotec should be taken within the period of 8th-12th weeks for pregnancy. Cytotec can take orally or vaginally.  This pill takes orally without crushing, breaking, or mashing 3 times a day by maintaining 3 hours gap. For the vaginal process, the tablet takes after maintaining a 6, 12, or 24 hours gap. To terminate the fetus the pill needs to takes vaginally and orally accordingly.

Tablets of Cytotec will give to placing into the vagina, dissolve under your tongue. You should consult your doctor and get instructions regarding which route will be the best for you. Administration of tablets through the vagina causes a minimal amount of side effects. Placing the tablet in the back of the vagina is easy as compare to dissolving under the cheeks.

How to Place Cytotec: : Pfizer Misoprostol Tablet in Vagina?

Lie down and place each tablet one at a time into the vagina. With the help of your finger push the tablet to the top of the vagina. The tablets will gradually absorb, they will usually not come out. You will start to have cramping and light bleeding within few hours.

There will be progress in the process until there is heavier bleeding; then finally tissue that appears whitish will pass out. After the tissue pass out, there will be a decrease amount of pain and bleeding. During this time, you may take painkillers medicine. Doctors may ask you to repeat the dose if the miscarriage does not occur. Most women will pass tissue (whitish material) within 24-48 hours.

You can expect to have to bleed heavier than a normal period for 3-4 days. On average, women taking Cytotec will bleed for about 10-14 days. After 6 weeks, you can expect to resume a normal period. You should contact your OB/GYN if bleeding continues or have severe abdominal pain. If you do not pass tissue after the first week, repeat the Cytotec tablet, or wait for a spontaneous miscarriage to happen.

Storage of Cytotec:

Place it at room temperature. It strictly advises keeping it away from small kids, air, and direct sunlight exposure.

How to Buy Cytotec Online?

Customers can buy Cytotec at our website, if facing any problem may contact us at+1(720)1361 or email us at

Dose of Cytotec

Dose of medicine prescribe on the prescription given on medicine or may contact to your doctor for advice. In the case of a fail abortion. The pill redirects after 3 to 4 days. The Cytotec pill takes buccally or place under the tongue or taken vaginally.

You need to seek help from a well-trained practitioner to administer the pill vaginally. Cytotec also helps to dilate the cervix and prepare it for surgical abortion.

An overdose of this drug can lead to major seizures, an increase in the rate of heartbeats, extreme drowsiness, and dizziness. It advises to take Misoprostol in presence of a well-train medical practitioner and get it monitor. Visit your doctor if your health condition is not under control.

Precaution to Be Taken

Smoking or drinking may lead to heavy bleeding, therefore you should avoid smoking or drinking before taking Cytotec. You should maintain proper follow-ups as prescribed so that the doctor can monitor your abortion process and your health conditions. It is necessary to consult the doctor in case you are breastfeeding, as this drug passes on to the breast milk.

Side Effects Cytotec

Common side effects of Cytotec include normal health disorders like a mild headache, stomach cramps, constipation, vomiting, heavy bleeding.

The rate of bleeding sometimes increases if gestation periods are more but if the bleeding is more severe then consult a doctor immediately. Any kind of side effects if crosses the normal level then needs to immediately consult with the doctor.

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  1. Darronique

    It was my first time I have two months baby so I put my decision to terminate this pregnancy and I was comfortable with that.

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    The team is so excellent that after placing an order for my prescribed medicines I received my tracking details within 24 hours.

  3. Ashton Ambrose

    Safe and mild side effects on me .

  4. Miranda Goldman

    I happy to use the abortion pills that I ordered. I achieved an effective result and had a painless ending of my termination.

  5. Katie Lemke

    After my ultrasound found an impression with missed abortion so decided to expel all remains with medicines and it was easy way for me.

  6. lena Marks

    As per my experience practicing Cytotec for the earliest pregnancy is better since I have practiced it for 7 weeks of pregnancy it fails to response well. In my second time pregnancy I used it again for 4 weeks of pregnancy and found great in response. It is quite cheap and affordable as comparing with other abortion pills.

  7. Clark lona

    I was very much tensed with the unplanned pregnancy. I was not ready to have the child and hence I decided to abort the child. After doing lots of research I found this site and got the Cytotec pills delivered. This was one of the best sites that provided me with the on-time delivery of the pills. I was having no issues and hence could use these medicines safely to terminate the pregnancy. I followed the proper process and had a termination. The result was successful but now I feel like I lost a part of me.

  8. Marks

    Mishaps are common in life, so was my unwanted pregnancy. To get out of this turmoil, I consumed Cytotec pills for abortion. It did the trick, and I was living my life with no strings attached again .

  9. Angelana

    Cytotec is too cheap as compared to other misoprostol tablets and its also very effective.

  10. Chelsea

    Hi My product just arrived. Thanks for the special offer, 3 days for express shipping was fine for me. Over all positive service provided.

  11. Colleen

    Best website! Highly recommended if you need lots of support and abortion pill.

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