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Cytolog introduction

Sold as a brand of Misoprostol drug, Cytolog is secondary medicine in pregnancy termination procedures. It is a prostaglandin E1 analog, which removes pregnancy in a week or two. The medication can be taken if you are within 70 days gestation, and not during an ectopic pregnancy. It is one of the best treatments for unwanted pregnancy, which can be used at home, and available at a low cost. The medical method for terminating conception gives privacy, so you can buy Cytolog online from our store to gain benefits of a non-surgical, and anesthesia-free regimen.

Cytolog in louisiana

Cytolog 200 MCG Tablet is utilized for clinical fetus removal and treat post bleeding. It is encouraged to take this prescription solely after taking clinical assistance. It is utilized likewise for forestalling stomach ulcers while you are under the medicine of specific NSAID drugs; particularly in the event that you are at a more serious gamble or have a family clinical history of ulcers. It can likewise assist with diminishing your gamble of ulcer confusions like bleeding. You can have your Cytolog in Louisiana on our store

Uses of Cytolog

Cytolog abortion pill has other medical uses as well, but the dose for those treatments can differ. It can be taken for duodenum or stomach ulcer, softening cervix for inducing labor, treating hemorrhage following delivery of a child, abdomen ulcer due to medicines such as Ibuprofen or aspirin, etc.

Safety Measures


  • To use Cytolog, you must not be allergic to the medical abortion pills, free of adrenal gland/heart/liver/kidney disorder, not more than 10 weeks pregnant.
  • When on the treatment, avoid exercising, having heavy meals, smoking, drinking alcohol. Use large sanitary pads for checking on bleeding.
  • Take care of drug interactions. Do not combine Cytolog pills with antacids, antibiotics until advised by a doctor, grapefruit juice, and concomitant oxytocic agents.

 The working mechanism of Cytolog in louisiana


  • Softens and dilates the cervix, and increases uterine contractions. Expels pregnancy from the uterus, in-process causes heavy bleeding, mild to moderate abdomen pain.
  • Bleeding is heaviest for 3 to 4 hours after using prostaglandins. In 14 days or less, pregnancy is clearly removed from the body.
  • For easing cramps and stomach pain, discuss painkillers with the doctor.

Cytolog Dosage


  • One tablet comes at 200mcg strength. You must buy Cytolog online 800mcg i.e. 4 tablets. The drugs can be taken in two ways- buccally or vaginally.
  • In the buccal method, place all tablets, 2×2 in the cheek pouches, and let these melt. Following 30 minutes, consume the contents with a sip of water. The effect of abortion is noticed faster in this technique.
  • In the vaginal method, insert all tablets in the vagina, and the pregnancy termination will start in few hours, sometimes it may take longer.

 Side Effects of Cytolog in louisiana


  • Similar to early miscarriage, the medicine can cause nausea, dizziness, chills, short-term fever.
  • Headache, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting is noticed in some cases.
  • All side effects are short-lived and have no implications on health.

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