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Terms & Condition


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  • mtpkitusa.com does not bear any responsibility to the customer by its product or website usage.
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Terms & Conditions

The customer/users must go through and confirm the Terms & Conditions of this website.

  • mtpkitusa.com is a web pharmacy and therefore undertakes the provision of drugs. The said medication, however, is not manufactured by the website.
  • All products available on this website are FDA approved for customer’s health and safety
  • All customers are invited to go through the information on the website, but as per our policy, no person under the age of 18 can purchase products on mtpkitusa.com.
  • All information on this website is meant for reference and must not be substituted for a doctor’s advice.
  • Our admin may update any information, pricing, products without prior notice. Therefore, users are advised to check on updates.
  • In case the user experiences any unpleasant side effects from the medication, they must seek medical attention immediately.
  • You must follow the instruction given on the website thoroughly. Follow the drug indications and avoid contraindications as we are not responsible for any ill effects the product causes.
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